Not able to be found because it's not in its expected place.

Not being where I am supposed to be.

What is missing??

To miss one in the crowd.

The missing project is trying to find Missing.

Missing is a radical project developed by Fittings that will create new work by collaborating with young people throughout the UK on a core theme.


Each piece of work will start with a simple question: "Who or what is missing?" and,  working with a digital film maker - Jane Farley - and another artist selected from a range of art form specialists, groups will take part in workshop sessions to create an original piece of work.


The results will be shared via the website and social media platforms and in performance on stage and on video.


The groups are encouraged to work together online via social media and the website and share their ideas for further work with each other. In 2016 a new performance work - Cafe Missing - was created, informed by the groups who worked with us from 2014-2016. This work toured the UK visiting each of the groups we worked with in their local venue.


Our intial strategic partners included:

Arena Theatre and The King’s School, Wolverhampton

The Attenborough Centre and NDCS, Leicester

The Bluecoat Young Blueroom and People First, Merseyside

The Knaresborough Schools, North Yorkshire

Nottingham Playhouse and Outburst Nottingham

Skimstone Arts, Newcastle

20 Stories High, Liverpool


We are now exploring new partnerships to work with more young people in residency and to help Cafe Missing develop and change in performance as part of these residencies.

To find out more about how you could get involved. Contact us HERE


Missing is made possible with the support of Arts Council England Strategic Touring Programme.