The theme of equality stood out most with this group as well as love and changing peoples perceptions of people with disability. We made boats to carry our ideas and dreams of missing, and set them  to sail on the now missing pool of Liverpool, which was originally the first wet dock in the world and made Liverpool an International City.

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The Blueroom Transitions group worked with Fittings to create the art work for the programme to accompany the touring show Cafe Missing.

Below is one of the poems created with the group.


The Door of Missing

As we walk through the door of Missing

We will find…

Golden house keys,

Black and green raincoats,

Future happy inventions,

Hungry leather wallets.


As we walk through the door of Missing we will find…

Trapped lifeless wheelchairs,

Resting on stone cobbles.

A metal glass door of memories.

Nothing outside of it.

An empty door.

A whiteboard with white paper.

War and Peace.

Deserted, desolate libraries.


As we walk through the door of Missing we will find…

Burnt grey forests of Missing.




Where are the birds in the

Burnt grey forests of Missing?

What is Missing?


What is behind the door of Missing?

Delicate, inspiring pages of books.

Multiples of skeleton keys for the keeper who guards the cabinet.

A driver’s license of destiny.




And fun.


Behind the door…


Illuminous, fanzoominous, cacuzolous,

Is in the room.



History. Herstory. Your story. Our story.

From the old to the new.

We step out the door of the zoo of Missing.

Leaving the old. Into the new.

New start.

New beginning.

New life.

New era.

We can’t predict the future.

We are the living now.

Buzzing, bubbling.

Mothers and many others.


Behind the new door of Missing,

In an atmospeher of lonely quiet.

No warmth.

Two cats,

One black,

One black and white.

Messages from mum.

Don’t forget to feed the cats.

No smell of food.

Missing the spice.

Missing the scouse.

Missing the spicey scouse in the house.

Scouse in the house. Scouse in the house.


As we walk through the door of Missing we will find…

A gang of angry tigers

Wearing chicken spots.

A casual dress.

The stripes are missing.

The dignity is missing.

Are they the cheetahs playing cheating?


Behind the door…

A sea of people,

Deep oceans of missing emotions.

A dead end.

Why do they pretend?

Dead end.

Why do they pretend?